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A while back I was the sole actor in a very short film — 49 seconds including the credits:

(If the above video doesn’t work for you, you can see it on Vimeo here.) Directed by Anastasia Afonina, Lea Becker and Sam Pilling, it was shot on 16mm. It was also the first time I’ve had to dub any voice on afterwards, and it was fun — getting things synced felt a bit like a game. It seemed to work out well, possibly beginner’s luck.

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Here Comes Funky Kazoo

A still from 'Here Comes Funky KazooA while back I played a tiny part in a short film called Here Comes Funky Kazoo which you can now watch online. Yes, it’s a bit “blink and you’ll miss me” but this is only the second post on this site. The film has already won Best Short Film Award at the Flyaway Film Festival in Wisconsin. I like to think it was the toilet scene that tipped the judges’ favour.

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Hello and welcome to my new site for all my acting-related activities. I’ll be posting here whenever I’m in something or have other news that might be interesting to either people who want to see me or people who want to cast me or work with me.

If I write long posts about my general acting experiences or further classes they’ll be on my main, personal, site at This site here,, is more of an announcement service and professional shopfront, although anything posted here will also appear on the front page of

Lovely. Hello!

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